Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC)

Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC) for Road Haulage and Passenger Transport Operators

The Operator Licence Awareness Training Course (OLAC) is a one-day course aimed at Transport Managers, middle management and any staff responsible for maintaining the company "O" Licence as well as Restricted Licence Operators who require basic systems training and best practice guidance.

The Senior Traffic Commissioners Statutory Document No. 3 version 7.1  November 2020  'TRANSPORT MANAGERS' page 28 section 6 says:

'Member States may require persons who possess a certificate of professional competence, but who have not managed a road haulage undertaking or a road passenger transport undertaking in the last 5 years, to undertake retraining in order to update their knowledge regarding the current developments of the legislation referred to in Part I of Annex I.'

Statutory guidance

See Statutory Document 3: transport managers

This means that as an operator, you should ensure that a Transport Manager nominated on your licence (Standard Licence holders) is fully qualified and up to date with their training.

Similarly, if you are an operator or manager who has responsibility for a transport operation, this course will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the statutory requirement for the continuous and effective management of the transport operations and the importance of ensuring compliance with the Operator Licence undertakings and obligations.

DMP Training UK Ltd is a JAUPT, CILT and OCR accredited training centre and our OLAC & Transport Manager Refresher training courses are accepted by the Traffic Commissioners.

The OLAC follows a set schedule and covers several main points to ensure that you and your staff receive the correct and up to date information. The following subjects are covered in detail:

  • Operator Licensing Undertakings
  • Drivers' Hours, WTD & Record Keeping
  • Maintenance Schedules & Record Keeping
  • Safe Loading of Vehicles Basic Requirements
  • Mechanical Conditions & Enforcement
  • Maintaining your OCRS score
  • Driver Licence Checks (And Driver CPC)

The Operator Licence Awareness course is often an undertaking given by the Traffic Commissioner to the business owners if they feel your business would benefit from a knowledge update. This course is also an excellent starting point for people who are looking to prepare to gain the Transport Manager CPC qualification.

Course Duration: One day

Operator Licence Awareness Course